Free Painting Jobs and Special Projects

Bringing Color to Homes and Lives

Welcome to Grove Painting’s Free Painting Jobs initiative! Our goal is to beautify homes and uplift communities in Minneapolis. Whether you’re in need of a fresh coat of paint or have a home that’s perfect for a stunning transformation, we’re here to help. Explore our offerings and see how you can participate or nominate someone for these exciting projects!

Our Offerings

Free Painting for Those in Need

We believe in giving back. If you or someone you know is facing hardships and could benefit from a free painting job, let us know. A fresh, beautiful space can bring new energy and joy.

Before and After Showcase Projects​

Got a home that could star in our next before-and-after showcase? We're looking for unique houses to feature in our DIY Painting YouTube channel. Be a part of our transformation stories!

Discounted Painting for YouTube Features

Interested in a discounted painting job while helping us create educational content? If you're open to having your painting process featured on our YouTube channel, enjoy special discounted rates!

Ready to transform your space or help someone in need?

Click on the offerings above to learn more and apply. Let's paint a brighter world together!"

Our Selection Process for Free and Discounted Painting Services

At Grove Painting, we are committed to fairness and transparency in our selection process for our Free and Discounted Painting Services. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submission Review: All submissions for our Free Painting Initiative, Before and After Showcase Projects, and Discounted Painting for YouTube Features are carefully reviewed by our team. We consider each application based on the project details, the story behind it, and the potential impact or value it brings to both the applicant and our audience.

  2. Eligibility Criteria: For free painting services, priority is given to applicants facing financial hardships, health challenges, or other significant difficulties. For discounted services, we look for projects that offer interesting educational content for our DIY Painting YouTube channel.

  3. Selection Process:

    • Free Painting Initiative: Selection is based on the urgency of need, the potential impact of our service, and our current capacity to deliver the service.
    • Before and After Showcase Projects & Discounted Painting: Selection is based on the uniqueness of the project, visual potential for transformation, and suitability for video content.
  4. Notification: All applicants will be notified of our decision. Due to the high volume of applications, this process may take some time, and we appreciate your patience.

  5. Transparency: We maintain a policy of non-discrimination in all our selections. Our goal is to help and inspire as many people as possible, within our operational capabilities.

  6. Feedback: While we cannot accept every application, we value each one and, when possible, provide feedback or suggestions for future submissions.

We thank you for your interest and for allowing us the opportunity to bring color and positive change to our community. Your stories inspire us, and we are committed to making a difference, one painting project at a time.