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Feature Your Home on Our DIY Painting YouTube Channel

Looking for a high-quality painting job at a discounted rate? Here’s your chance! At Grove Painting, we offer discounted painting services for homeowners willing to have their projects featured on our DIY Painting YouTube channel. It’s a win-win: you get a professional painting job at a lower cost, and our viewers get to learn from your project!

The Deal

How It Works:

In exchange for allowing us to film the painting process and showcase it on our channel, we offer a significant discount on our professional painting services. It’s an opportunity to transform your space while contributing to our community of DIY enthusiasts.

What We Need from You:

A willingness to have your painting project filmed and shared with a wide audience. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum quality in our work.

Application Process:

Fill out the application below!

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Apply for Discounted Painting

Interested in a discounted painting makeover and being a part of our DIY community? Apply now to have your project featured on our YouTube channel.

Interior Painting

By participating, not only do you benefit from a discounted painting service, but you also join our mission to educate and inspire DIY enthusiasts. Your project could be the next big hit on our channel, offering valuable insights to our audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Discounted Painting for YouTube Features


Q: What is the Discounted Painting for YouTube Features service?

A: This service offers homeowners a professional painting job at a discounted rate in exchange for allowing us to film the transformation process for our DIY Painting YouTube channel.

Q: Who can apply for this discount?

A: Any homeowner in Minneapolis interested in a painting job and comfortable with the idea of their home and the painting process being featured on our YouTube channel is welcome to apply.

Q: How significant is the discount for the painting service?

A: The discount varies depending on the project’s scope and requirements. We ensure it’s a substantial reduction from our standard rates, making it an attractive offer for participants.

Q: What kind of painting projects are eligible for this discount?

A: We consider a variety of projects, including interior and exterior painting. The project should have the potential to offer interesting and educational content for our YouTube audience.

Q: How is the painting project selected for YouTube features?

A: We select projects based on their potential to provide engaging and informative content for our viewers. This includes considering the uniqueness of the project, the transformation scope, and the homeowner’s story.

Q: Will I have input in the painting process?

A: Yes, homeowners are involved in the decision-making process, from color selection to design choices. Our goal is to ensure the final result is something you’re delighted with.

Q: What does the filming process involve?

A: Our filming crew will document various stages of the painting process. We strive to ensure this is non-intrusive and respect your privacy. All filming schedules and details will be agreed upon in advance.

Q: How long does the entire process take, from painting to filming?

A: The timeline varies depending on the project size and complexity. We discuss and agree upon a detailed schedule with each homeowner before starting.

Q: Can I apply for this service if my house needs minor repairs before painting?

A: Minor repairs can be accommodated as part of the project preparation. Please provide details in your application for a more accurate assessment and quotation.

Q: What happens after I submit my application for the discounted service?

A: After you submit your application, our team reviews it and assesses the suitability of the project for our YouTube channel. If selected, we’ll contact you to discuss the details, including the discount, project scope, and filming arrangements.